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Have you noticed that your games aren't looking so good on your new 4K TV? Have you noticed that your retro console can't even be displayed on your new TV? Enter the RetroTINK! This handy dandy upscaler will allow you to connect your old consoles with the original Composite, Component, or S-Video cables to your TV through HDMI. The RetroTINK acts as a line doubler to output a 480P signal to your HDTV. Now you can play your retro games and consoles on your big HDTV, and you only have to deal with the input lag of the TV itself. The RetroTINK is amazing because it won't add any display latency to the signal. In layman's terms, Mario jumps when you press the jump button, not half a second later.

There are different versions of the RetroTINK, and they differ depending on what you're looking for. There's the RetroTINK Mini, which allows for composite video (yellow, red, and white cables) and S-Video. This is great if you've got a system or two, and you don't want to buy any new cables. Use S-Video if possible for the best quality out of this scaler.

There's the RetroTINK 2X-PRO, which does everything the Mini does, but adds Component (red, green, blue video cables with the red and white audio). This is the best option for the most versatility, and is designed to play nice with 240p systems. This includes your SNES, Genesis, N64, etc. Use component for the best quality out of this scaler. This pairs nicely with HD Retrovision cables for your favorite consoles.

Lastly, there is the RetroTINK 2X-PRO Multiformat. This does everything listed above, and also offers 480P passthrough. This is best for systems that use Component video and output natively at 480P. Think Xbox, Playstation 2, etc. That isn't to say that you can't also use it for your SNES, and Genesis era systems. This just isn't specifically made for those. You can learn more here!

For more about these scalers, check out If you want to go down the rabbit hole of getting the best quality video from your retro consoles, check out, and a video series from My Life In Gaming.

The Wingman SD is a fantastic adapter that allows you to use your favorite modern controllers on your Dreamcast or Saturn. It even comes equipped with 200 blocks of VMU storage so that you can still save your game. This pairs especially nicely with arcade sticks for all of you fighting game and SHMUP lovers out there. I use mine with a customized MayFlash F500. Check out more here at their official website.

Do you still have a Sega Saturn (see above), but don't have $1,000,000,000 to buy games for the system? Enter the MODE. The MODE allows you to play games from a USB drive, external hard drive, SATA 2.5" internal drive, and microSD. Another great feature is that it is compatible with all versions and revisions of the Sega Saturn. Now you can live out your wildest fantasies and play Panzer Dragoon Saga on original hardware! There's also another small feature that I find to be pretty cool. It is also compatible with the Sega Dreamcast! Did I say small feature? I meant to say HUGE! If you intend to use the same MODE on both systems, there will be some assembly/disassembly required each time you want to do that, but its a great option for Sega fans who want the most bang for their buck.

Do you have a Sega Saturn, but need a new controller? Do you have the first generation US controller (like I did forever), or do you just like the feeling of a new controller? If you answered yes to any of those questions, and you don't want to import a used one from Japan, look no further! I've been using one of these for a few months now and have been loving it. They have a wireless option that I can't vouch for since I haven't used it, but the wired version is great. I've been loving it for fighting games, platformers, and SHMUPs. It comes in the Slate Grey color (as shown) and in Black. This isn't an ad, and we weren't paid. I just really like this controller.